An hour north of San Antonio, you will find the super fun town of Fredericksburg, TX. Located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, this town has been named one of Texas‘ coolest small towns, and one visit here will make it easy to see why.

Full of great activities for visitors of all ages, Fredericksburg has a strong German presence, and amazing wineries to boot. For those who love nature, you won’t be disappointed. There are some amazing outdoor activities found here too.

Ready to learn more? Here are 19 things to do in Fredericksburg TX that you and your crew are going to love.


Courtesy of Wildseed Farms

For those who love the outdoors, Fredericksburg is a great place to visit.

From exploring Wildseed Farms to enjoying the sereneness of the Japanese Garden of Peace, there is outdoor beauty everywhere. Their winding roads will take you across beautiful rolling hills, wildflower backdrops, and to special sites like the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. 

Whether you are someone who likes to take it slow, or someone who wants to try something more thrilling, there is something for everyone.


Bring your camera for this event because Wildseed Farms has to be one of the most jaw-dropping experiences you can take part in. Not even in just Fredericksburg, Texas, but throughout the country. Their wildflower farm has acres of beautiful wildflower fields that have been blooming for over 35 years. 

Surprisingly, you don’t have to pay to get in, which also makes it affordable! Open seven days a week, you can explore their walking trails all day long until 30 minutes before close. While you can see different kinds of flowers year-round, the next part is really amazing.

Starting in 2015, they opened up a tasting room and vineyard to grow the best locally sourced quality grapes! This is also open daily and a must-try.

Details: 100 Legacy Dr., Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Not all boots were made for walking, and that’s why you will see visitors and locals always making time for the Willow City Loop drive. The terrain on this drive changes dramatically from peaceful rolling greens to strong and imposing canyons. This is a great chance to have your passenger take photos, or pull over and take in the view yourself!

One of the beloved perks of driving this loop during the autumn or winter months is that the Texas national flower, the bluebonnet, comes out in full force. Driving next to the bluebonnets is truly remarkable, for nearly 13 miles of peaceful winding roads. 

A word to the wise! Drive during off-hours, because the weekends can sometimes bring bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Details: Website


There is no shortage of beautiful flowers to take in in Fredericksburg, Texas. The Japanese Garden of Peace is not only a beautiful garden, but a powerful place to visit.

The history behind the area is that it’s dedicated to the National Museum of the Pacific War. The garden itself was a gift from the people of Japan to America to remember the friendship between Fleet Admiral Nimitz and Admiral Togo. 

The garden recently went through a major renovation to restore the original work of the Japanese craftsmen who designed it. Here you can find balance in the black and white stones, a symbol for the Japanese. While you do this, you can wind through the paths taking in the greenery and plants offering both solace and gaining peace. 

Details: 340 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Have you ever heard of bat viewing? Well, it’s certainly a thing in Texas. Here at Old Tunnel State Park you can walk through the half-mile nature trail and take part in bird viewing and enjoying nature. What makes this place special is the bat colony that has developed in the tunnel since its closing. The tunnel used to be part of a railroad that operated all the way until 1942. When it closed, bats made their way in and started a colony. 

While you can hang out during the day at no cost, anyone who wishes to stay after 5 PM will need to purchase tickets to witness the bat emergence. From May to October you can watch all the bats come out just after sunset! It truly is a remarkable event, similar to the bat showing in Austin, Texas.

Details: 10619 Old San Antonio Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


For those who love hiking, save some time for this special spot. Often described as the 425-feet pink monolith in the middle of true Texas wilderness, this area is a great spot for those who love to spend time in the fresh air. During the day, you can take part in birdwatching, as well as observing other natural wildlife. At night, this is a great place for stargazing, and there are campgrounds here too.

This natural area offers 11 miles of hiking trails, but keep in mind that 30 minutes before sunset they all close for safety. That’s why it’s great to spend a few days here! There is also rock climbing available, as long as you check in with the park headquarters. 

Details: 16710 Ranch Rd 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website



Fredericksburg is not just home to outdoor activities — there’s plenty of history and culture found here too. There is no shortage of museums and places to explore in this Texas town, including the Pioneer Museum, which focuses on German heritage. Magnificent churches, art, and more can be found here.


German immigrants who moved to Texas are the architects behind the famous Painted Churches of Texas. From the outside, you may be puzzled by its name. But from the inside, you are immediately greeted with painted architecture, including lavish finishes that make the church look somewhat comparable to a castle. 

Interestingly enough, there are only 20 painted churches in the world, and all of them exist in the rolling hills of Texas Hill Country. They are a nationally registered historic landmark because of the history they bring. Notably, they were built by thousands of immigrants. 

St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fredericksburg is certainly one of the most popular to visit. It’s actually two churches, and was built in 1846 with massive colorful windows and decadent indoor finishes. St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Praha is another popular option, thanks to its beautiful stonework and incredible steeple. 

Other notable churches on the list:

  • St. Mary Catholic Church Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary In High Hill, Texas
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Dubina, Texas
  • St. John the Baptist Church in Ammannsville, Texas

Details: 304 W. San Antonio St., Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


The Pioneer Museum brings you back to when German settlers arrived in the 1840s looking for the limitless opportunities that Texas offered. The Pioneer Museum is located on 3.5 acres right in the middle of town, and it explains the long and rich history of those immigrants. 

Ten separate buildings make up the Pioneer Museum, and you can explore hundreds of artifacts from this time period. Many of the buildings are in the original place from when they were constructed. Most people would recommend carving a little more than an hour out to complete the full tour. 

Details: 325 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


One of the oldest buildings in Fredericksburg is the Vereins Kirche Museum. For a minimal admission price, you can explore this octagonal building that retells the history of two Brains Kirche buildings. For German settlers, this building was actually a multi-use building serving the community for a variety of purposes. It was a church, a school, and also a place to meet young people in the community. 

Interestingly enough, the original building was demolished. The building was remade by Founders Day in 1935. It’s a part of the Pioneer Museum and a great educational experience for all. 

Details: 100 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Can you even say you’ve visited Texas if you don’t dance the night away to live music? We’ve got you covered. The best spot for dancing, music, and fun events throughout the year is Bankersmith. Technically speaking, Bankersmith is its own town — a ghost town! It lies between Fredericksburg and the city of Comfort.

In Bankersmith, you’ll find an awesome restaurant with true Texan food, and lodging in the form of lodge rooms, and RV and tent camping sites.

If you’re visiting during the Whiskey and Wine Festival or the Peach Festival — you’ve got to make a stop. The Dance Halland bar can handle up to 500 people, and they’ll all be on the dance floor by the night’s end.

Details:  7905 Old San Antonio Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


For anyone who has a fine appreciation of art, then this one is going to be a big hit. On the first Friday of the month, you can participate in the Art Walk, which allows participating art galleries to stay open later. There is a special Art Walk Flag that will hang outside galleries to let you know which ones are participating.

A few fan favorites include Artisans – A Texas Gallery, which features local art and fine crafts. Another participating gallery is Gallery 330, with a specialization in realism and impressionism art with both regional and established artists. There is something for every art connoisseur on this walk!  

Details: 234 W Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Courtesy of Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Of course, where there is a rich culture, there is also a lot of history. And for history buffs, there is no shortage of things to see and explore. We mentioned the National Museum of the Pacific War Garden, but seeing the actual museum itself is worth the look. Fredericksburg also offers a number of other historic sites too.


The National Museum of the Pacific War continues to show visitors about World War II at its Asiatic Pacific Theater through film. The museum features several galleries, including the George W. Bush Gallery, Admiral Nimitz Gallery, Plaza of Presidents, Japanese Garden of Peace, and the Memorial Courtyard.

Through these galleries, you can explore tons of artifacts, such as the Pearl Harbor Exhibit featuring the Japanese midget submarine HA-19. This is one of the five submarines that attacked Pearl Harbor, making it an incredible piece of history at the museum. 

Besides the many exhibits and galleries, you can also see some of their events. Something worth seeing is their flamethrowing outpost! 

Details: 311 E Austin St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Located in Stonewall, Texas, not too far from Fredericksburg, is the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park. Worth the visit, you can learn a lot here about the 36th President of the United States. At this site is the historic Sauer-Beckmann Living History Farm, where you will see park rangers in uniform carrying out their daily chores of caring for the animals. 

While they do this, they offer a viewpoint on what life was like for the Sauers and Beckmann and their hundreds of acres of property. The experience is like stepping back in time and living it for yourself. 

Make time for checking out the LBJ ranch. Here is where the president was born and raised and returned to after serving in the White House. He was also buried here, which is one of the reasons for it being a National Historic Site.

Details: 199 Park Road 52, Stonewall, TX 78671 | Website


This restored outpost for the United States Army is now a historic site that many come to visit annually. It was only active for five years, from 1848 to 1853, as a means for protection for travelers and settlers in the area. It was also the first one built on the Texas frontier. 

Here you can explore the buildings still left on the property. The original garrison, the farm shed, and three reproduction garrisons. The fort was briefly occupied during the Civil War, but now it is operated by Texas Park Rangers who are happy to share the history of the historic site with you. 

Details: 1606 E Main St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website



When people think of Texas, they may not think of wine — but some of the state’s best wineries and vineyards are found in Fredericksburg. In addition to the wineries, there are also great farms and restaurants here too.


There are more than 10 wineries in Fredericksburg, and there is no better way to explore them all than to sample them by visiting all of their tasting rooms. In fact, Wine Road 290 is known for bringing you to the best stops for hitting up the wineries. Each offers something unique, from picture-perfect grand views of the vineyards, tasting rooms, and special events. 

Here are a few wineries to look out for:

  • Siboney Cellars
  • Hilmy Cellars
  • Grape Creek Vineyards on Main Street
  • Fiesta Winery
  • Becker Vineyards 

These are just a few of the many wineries on 290. Be sure to check their events and availability, especially for larger parties, as this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. To be safe, you don’t need to do the driving! The Wine Shuttle comes around every 15 minutes, dropping you off at all the locations a part of the route.

Details: Website


If you are hanging out in the area from May to August, then you are in town for peach season. With quite a few farms in the area, picking peaches can actually be a great activity for all ages. One of the more famous spots to visit is Das Peach Haus. This is where several award-winning products are from, such as The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce. 

Interestingly enough, this was just a roadside market where people could drive by and buy their peaches. Now it is one of the biggest showrooms for all the products you see on the grocery store shelves that you’ve come to know and love! 

Details:  9405 East, US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Fredericksburg is home to some serious cooking and culinary features. Formerly known as the Fredericksburg Herb Farm, the Hill Country Herb Garden is a 5,000-square foot destination garden and spa.

In addition to the surrounding beauty and spa — there are also some amazing cottages on the property, making it perfect for a weekend getaway.

Details: Gift Shop Entrance, 405 Whitney St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website


Because of the German immigrants that came to the area in the 1800s, there are true authentic German restaurants and Biergartens dusted through the town. One of the most popular options for locals and visitors is the Altdorf Restaurant and Biergarten. Don’t go without getting the warm German Pretzels or the Large Fried Vegetable Platter if you have some friends to share it with. 

Their Biergarten, which was the original way to say beer garden, is an outdoor area where beer and other drinks are served along with local food. While Aldorf is certainly one of the top contenders, it is one of many good options! 

Details: 301 W. Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX | Website


Calling all foodies, because this one is for you. Munch Food Park is the ultimate hangout, as it features a number of great food trucks, a beer and wine bar, as well as live music. Don’t worry if you have kiddos, because there is a kid’s playground here for them, making this a family-friendly spot.

The cool thing about this place is that there is a lot of locally imported wine from the wineries, as well as imported beer and alcohol from other countries. This includes the food too! 

Details:  303 E Hwy St, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website



Last, but certainly not least on the list, is taking a day trip to Luckenbach. It’s only 13 miles outside of Fredericksburg, which makes it so easy to travel to in a day’s time. The Luckenbach General Store is home to a number of events thanks to its great dance hall and open space. At the general store, you can find all sorts of souvenirs and knick-knacks representing German culture. 

If you are planning on coming for one of their fabulous events, there is lodging available to make things easier. This wouldn’t be unusual, considering the history of singing beneath the stars and “majestical oak trees.”

Details: 412 Luckenbach Town Loop, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 | Website




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