15 Absolutely Breathtaking Waterfalls in Michigan {mapped!}

Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, waterfalls are one of those natural wonders that are worth getting off the couch for. And if you happen to live in Michigan, you’re lucky, because the state is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. 

This upper Midwestern region of the Great Lakes has a network of rushing waterways that results in the formation of more than 300 waterfalls in the area. Ready to learn more? Enjoy quality time with your family by visiting one of these 15 breathtaking waterfalls in Michigan.

15 Absolutely Breathtaking Waterfalls in Michigan {mapped!}
Tahquamenon Falls


Distance: 10.2 miles
Elevation Change 636 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Area of the State: Near Paradise, MI
Trail Info

Tahquamenon Falls, one of the largest falls east of the Mississippi, is among Michigan’s most attractive and frequently visited waterfalls. The falls come from the Tahquamenon River.  

One of the most noticeable features of the river is its water. The water is brown due to the tannins leached from the cedar swamp as it drains into it, hence the nickname “Root Beer Falls.”

Renowned for its unique beauty, Tahquamenon Falls has both upper and lower falls. The upper falls, 50 feet deep and 200 feet wide, is Michigan’s largest waterfall and unbelievably the easiest one to access.

The lower falls consist of five more minor falls that flow around the island. There is a high chance that areas around the lower falls get muddy at times; you should bring hiking poles with you during your visit to be in a position to counter the situation.

Apart from the above, Tahquamenon Falls also has other special features. It has ample water volumes among the most prominent waterfalls. During the spring, 50,000 gallons of water drop on the upper falls per second; this results in a roar in the parking lot as you approach the path’s end.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park is perfect for camp lovers. You can enjoy camping, clear views of wildlife, and mroe.


Distance: 0.6 miles
Elevation Change 101 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Grand Marais, MI
Trail Info

Sable Falls is located on the easternmost portion of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Alger County, a 17-minute drive from Grand Marais, Michigan.

The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful forested scenery, thus making it an Upper Peninsula gem. You can have a breathtaking experience at Sable Falls as you watch a 75-foot sandstone cliff, known as the Munising, found near Lake Superior from the bottom of a 168-steps-long staircase.


Distance: 1.0 miles
Elevation Change 121 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Eben Junction, MI
Trail Info

Laughing Whitefish Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Upper Michigan region. The 100-foot cliff is a must-see scene, especially during rainy seasons, as the waters are thick and easily visible. 

The waters are thin and not as fascinating to watch during dry seasons. Some intriguing features of the Laughing Whitefish Falls include; a short nature trail to the falls, a picnic area, and a connecting trail to the North County Trail.


Distance: 0.4 miles
Elevation Change: 49 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Munising, MI
Trail Info

Munising Falls is located in the western part of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Alger County. It is one of the best falls to stop at and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the 800-foot-tall fall from the bottom of the stairs.

As you walk up the pavement toward the viewing point of the 50-foot waterfall, you will see the incredible shaded sandstone canyon along the Munising Creek to the platform.


Distance: .6 miles
Elevation Change: 104 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Trout Creek, MI
Trail Info

This 40-foot tall, 80-foot wide waterfall is located in Interior Township in southeastern Ontonagon County, Michigan. 

Flowing over a shelf of erosion-resistant sandstones, Agate Falls is accessible from a trail in the parking lot on M-28. Not only is it a gorgeous sight to see, but it’s also an excellent spot for a quiet and private session of hiking and walking. 


Distance: 7.5 miles
Elevation Change: 492 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Area of the State: Shingleton, MI
Trail Info 

Michigan is home to many beautiful waterfalls, but Spray Falls is genuinely in a class of its own. Aside from being the most remote waterfall, Spray Falls is the most impressive and fascinating waterfall in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. 

Spray Falls requires a two-mile hike with a boat or a kayak to reach it. Sailing out onto Lake Superior is the best way to watch over the waterfall on the sandstone cliff. While planning to visit Spray Falls, you should remember that roads reopen when the snow melts in the spring. 


Distance: 1.7 miles
Elevation Change: 269 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Area of the State: Hubbell, MI
Trail Info

Looking for a stunning natural wonder in Michigan? Hungarian Falls is it! Located west of Hubbell in Houghton County, Hungarian Falls is a series of three waterfalls, the largest of which plunges 50 feet into a vast gorge. 

The gorge was formed by the soft Jacobsville sandstone layers found beneath the falls, and the whole scene is truly breathtaking. In addition to the falls, there is also a dam, pond, and woodland trails for visitors to enjoy.

However, Keweenaw Peninsula is the best part of Hungarian Falls because it is still relatively unknown and unspoiled – so you can enjoy its natural beauty without the crowds. 


Distance: 1.5 miles
Elevation Change: 140 feet
Difficulty: Moderate/Easy
Area of the State: Minor’s Beach, MI
Trail Info

Nestled in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Bridalveil Falls is one of the state’s most popular tourist destinations. At 140 feet tall, it is one of the tallest waterfalls in Michigan and is a must-see for anyone visiting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. 

While the falls are beautiful year-round, they are best seen during the rainy season when they are at their fullest. Unfortunately, this also means that the falls are often dry during summer, so be sure to check the conditions before planning your visit.


Distance: 1.2 miles
Elevation Change: 153 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Munising, MI
Trail Info

Alger County Road is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Michigan. Miners Falls is located about five miles North of Alger County Road H-58 off Miners Castle Road. 

The falls drop about 40 feet over a sandstone outcrop and offer visitors a spectacular view of the countryside. There is also hiking, birding, and walking trails perfect for exploring the area’s abundant wildlife. 

The best time to visit Miners Falls is from May to October. However, the falls are still an impressive sight, even during the winter months.


Distance: 1.0 miles
Elevation Change: 147 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Bruce Crossing, MI
Trail Info

Planning for an adventurous hike or family trip with friends and loved ones? Just a few miles east of Paulding in Haight Township, Ontonagon County, Bond Falls is a stunning all-season waterfall perfect for an adventurous hike or family trip with friends and loved ones.

Formed where the river tumbles over a thick belt of fractured rock, Bond Falls is 100 feet (30.48 meters) wide and 50 feet (15.24 meters) deep. The all-season waterfall has easy access and stunning viewing points, making it the most popular and photographed waterfall in Michigan.

And best of all, it’s wheelchair accessible, so everyone can enjoy its beauty. 


Distance: 0.3 miles
Elevation Change: 13 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Millersburg, MI
Trail Info

Ocqueoc Falls is one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets. Tucked away in the Lower Peninsula, this waterfall is often overlooked because of its small size. But what it lacks in height, it makes up for in beauty and accessibility. 

Ocqueoc Falls is the largest waterfall in the Lower Peninsula region and the universally accessible waterfall in the United States. That means everyone can enjoy its stunning scenes, like views of salmon swimming through the underground channels. 

The pool’s surface is formed by three ledgers at the top of the waterfall, where an old mill used to be. The area also provides a serene environment for cooling off and relaxing, especially after a fun-filled day.


Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation Change: 52 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Ironwood, MI
Trail Info

Upstream of Gorge Falls, you’ll find Potawatomi Falls — named after one of the native tribes that once inhabited the region. Potawatomi has a multi-tiered drop created by water being pushed to the eastern bank by an uneven riverbed.

Since it’s not a popular site, few people visit Potawatomi Falls, making it the perfect place for those who love privacy and quiet moments. Located along the Black River, the waterfall has varying water volumes depending on the season.

When the water volume is low, the waterfall appears segmented, with more water diverting to the right. However, when the water volume is high, the water covers the entire rock, forming a white sheet of water.

If you’re looking for other exciting opportunities, consider visiting the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park. This park is Michigan’s most extensive and has plenty of activities to keep you busy, like hiking and camping.

Note: Michigan Recreation Passport holders can access the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park without issue. However, every other vehicle owner needs to obtain a permit. This does not apply to those traveling by bicycle or on foot.


Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation Change: 78 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Area of the State: Calumet, MI
Trail Info

At 110 feet (33.53 meters) in length, Douglass Houghton Falls are the tallest falls in Michigan. They are located in the Upper Peninsula and have several plunges that bounce off the sharp volcanic rock.

In addition, they also have steep slopes that make it difficult to reach the tiny drops in the meadows above. Before they were reopened for the public, the Douglass Houghton Falls could only be accessed by following Hammell Creek upstream from Lake Linden.


Distance: 0.2 miles
Elevation Change: 3 feet
Difficulty: Easy
Area of the State: Munising, MI
Trail Info

Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country, and Wagner Falls is one of the easiest to access. The trail surface contains gravel and a wooden boardwalk with rails, making it accessible to all visitors, although adaptive equipment for the surface type is required.

The scenic waterfall has a small gravel parking lot and a half-mile trail with a fantastic viewing deck overlooking the falls to allow visitors to catch a clear glimpse of the beautiful waterfall.

In addition, visitors can climb eight steps to the top of Wagner Falls and enjoy the best views.


Distance: 1.9 miles
Elevation Change: 223 feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Area of the State: Wakefield, MI
Trail Info

Located on the Presque Isle River, this massive waterfall has a drop of 25 feet and a crest of 150 feet. 

Visitors can enjoy many views of the falls by following one of the two trails that run along either side of the river. The Boardwalk Trail offers stunning views of the river and falls, while the East River Trail provides an alternative view of this natural wonder. 



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